What is FeelXVideos?

Revolutionizing Online Porn

The world’s leading interactive porn site. Revolutionizing online porn


FeelXVideos is an innovative, interactive and on-demand adult streaming platform. We’re changing the way people interact with online porn.

Our members get unlimited access to an exclusive library of 1000+ High Definition sex videos for one affordable, monthly subscription.

A new way to experience porn

Simply connect your interactive sex toy such as The Handy, Onyx or Keon to FeelXVideos via Bluetooth technology, and it will seamlessly sync your device to the on-screen action.

You’ll be able to SEE every moment, HEAR every sound and FEEL every movement made by the adult performer.


Unmatched quality, Exceptional choice

Our videos are custom coded using proprietary software to be compatible with all popular sex toys.
Browse over 1000+ exclusive, High Definition titles from the world’s largest collection of fully interactive sex videos.
Most of FeelXVideos content is shot in high-quality POV, so you can get closer to the action in a fully immersive online experience.
FeelXVideos brings you the latest interactive videos in Ultra HD and, with a selection of titles up to 4K resolution on compatible viewing devices, online porn has never looked so good.


Impressive content. Unparalleled value

Members can enjoy unlimited access to 1,000s of videos in over 80 categories, so you can satisfy your every desire, wherever the mood takes you. We are constantly adding new content, so you can experience the latest sex scenes from the hottest performers, with daily uploads in categories such as MILF, Step-Mom, Step-Sister, Teens, Lesbian, Anal, Threesome and many, many more!

You talked, we listened

We’re adding 100s of new videos each week based on the type of content members told us they wanted to see. Get personal and trending video recommendations based on your preferences.

Enjoy a limitless collection of online porn that’s made just for you, so you can get your rocks off whenever you choose.


Why join FeelXVideos?

The Ultimate Adult Entertainment Experience

Our mission is to give you the ultimate
adult entertainment experience, one like you have never had before. We want you to experience how exciting new technologies and devices are and how they change the way people interact with porn online.

Make A Real Connection

Our interactive video content creates a unique and immersive experience, allowing you to become part of the action. Take centre stage and feel every move as you connect with your favorite pornstars on the world’s leading interactive porn site.